Our Pet Supplies


Dry Food

We Stock: Canagan, Burns (We have a loyalty scheme for Burns customers) James Wellbeloved, Symply, Simpsons, Hills Science, Harringtons, Royal Canin, Vitalin (With a lotalty Scheme), Fish4Dogs and many others can be ordered.


Frozen Raw Food

We Stock: Cotswold, Natures Menu and Nutriment. 


Wet Food

We stock: Nature Diet, Forthglade, Canagan, Symply, Natures Harvest, Natures Menu, James Wellbeloved



We stock: Barking Bakery, Natures Menu, Canagan, Pet Munchies, Pooch and Mutt, Stockbull, Natural Rawhide, Pigs Ears, Snouts, Antlers, Buffalo Horns, Sea Jerky (Fish4Dogs)


We have a large selection of Beds, Leads and Collars, Medications, Grooming and Toys


Dry Food

We stock: Canagan, Symply, James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Hills Science, Harringtons, Burns, Whiskas and Go Cat


Wet Food

Canagan, Bozita, Natures Menu, Gourmet Perle, Whiskas, Felix



Dreamies, Whiskas Sticks, Natures Menu, Whiskas Milkys.


We have a large selection of Beds, Medications, Grooming and Toys (including our best sellers - The Stinkies!)










Small Animals

We have a large selection of foods ranging from Excel Nuggets to muesli mix catering for Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchillas and Ferrets. 


We stock a wide range of treats and bedding and source all of our Hay, Straw and Sawdust from local company Georges (Based in Maidstone). 


To order we can get an array of hutches, cages and runs. 

Wild Birds

We pride ourselves in offering excellent value for money on our Wild Bird Seed. 


Currently our Peanuts are just £1.90 per KG and our general Wild Bird Seed is 70p per KG. 

Sunflower Hearts are only £1.80 per KG -  We are the cheapest in town!


We also stock a range of feeders, suet products and fatballs. 

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